FetalDNA is the most innovative non-invasive prenatal screening test that involves the analysis of free fetal DNA circulating on maternal blood.
It uses the latest generation genomic sequencing methodologies – innovative-NIPT (INIPT ™).

It is executed entirely in Italy in the genetic laboratories of the Altamedica Center.


It investigates with extreme precision on the most frequent trisomies 21 (Down syndrome) 18 (Edwards syndrome) and 13 (Patau syndrome). This is the test recommended by all Guidelines and Scientific Societies.

It analyses, in addition to the above 3 main fetal aneuploidies related to chromosomes 21, 18 and 13, also the sex of the child and the anomalies of the sex chromosomes X, Y (Turner syndrome, Klinefelter, etc.).

This extraordinary test is able to analyze all the 23 pairs of chromosomes present in the karyotype of the individual (commonly known as KARYO test). This is an extremely sophisticated test performed by a next generation bioinformatics diagnosis.

It represents the highest non-invasive test of circulating free fetal DNA (NIPT). In addition to the analysis of all the fetal chromosomal aneuploidies, it also includes the study of a large number of chromosomal alterations by structural rearrangements (Microduplications / microdeletions) such as the syndromes of DiGeorge, Williams, Angelman, Wolf-Hirschhorn, Jacobsen, Langer-Giedion, Smith-Magenis, Prader-Willi, Koolen-de Vries, Alagille, Rubinstein-Taybi, WAGR, Potocki-Shaffer, 1p36 deletion syndrome and many others.

Born from the most advanced genetic research of ALTAMEDICA this test overcomes all the other NIPT tests today present in diagnostics, reaching to research pathologies hitherto not recognizable by the study of fetal DNA on maternal blood.

In evidence:

FetalDNA Karyotype Plus includes free maternal analysis of the cystic fibrosis gene.

FetalDNA Total Screen includes an extensive panel of monogenic diseases (from cystic fibrosis to dwarfism) and a new genetic screening of mutations that predispose the mother to preterm birth.

And also it research the presence of the most important infectious agents in maternal blood to detect infections in place through the research in the fetal biology of their genome.

In the even that the mother has the rhesus negative and the father RH positive (both documented and visible at the time of the FetalDNA request)
FetalDNA Cariotipo, Cariotipo Plus and Total Screen allow to request a free analysis of the fetal RH


It is not traumatic for the mother and the fetus and is completely risk free of abortion.


Just a simple maternal blood sample is sufficient to analyze circulating fetal DNA.


All levels of screening allow you to have the answers in just 5 working days ( 8 for Fetal Total Screen)


The test uses the most modern methodologies of the next generation and therefore represents an overcoming of previous tests on fetal DNA now in use for years. For example, a sensitivity of around 99.9% is reported for the main chromosomal aneuploidies (Down syndrome, Edwards syndrome and Patau syndrome) and sex chromosomes.


The results of FetalDNA are clear: POSITIVE if a chromosomal anomaly has been detected, NEGATIVE if no chromosomal anomaly has been detected.


Since 40 years Altamedica is an international leader and center of excellence in prenatal diagnosis and in the research of diseases in utero. To maintain its primacy in the study of the fetal well-being, it waited, to introduce this test, that the technology was renewed, reaching today the maximum of the potential of the method.


FetalDNA is executable in every pregnancy starting from 10th week
It can be performed both in the case of single and twin pregnancy, in natural pregnancies or obtained by medically assisted procreation techniques (heterologous and homologous).

It is particularly indicated in the following cases:
desire to know the state of health of the fetus through a very modern test;
low risk pregnancy;
pregnancies at risk of miscarriage, in which the execution of invasive tests (Amniocentesis or CVS Test ) is contraindicated;
advanced maternal age;
positivity for first or second trimester screening tests;
cases of recurrent pregnancy loss.

Attention, there are cases in which NIPT tests must not be performed:

You should not perform a NIPT test when fetuses with ultrasound defects are observed, with increased nuchal translucency, hydrops or hygroma. In fact, for these cases, as reported by all Guidelines, it is only required to carry out an invasive investigation (CVS Test/Amniocentesis) with microarrays technology.


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2. Perform the blood collection at our Centers in Rome and Milan, in the authorized Altamedica facilities, by your doctor or at home. Before you make your blood collection, you will be asked to fill out the forms for informed consent.

3. Receive test results within 5 working days of receiving the sample, with the exception of the Total Screen (8 days).

In particular cases it is possible to request an emergency diagnostic service.


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We are a structure of excellence specialized in prenatal diagnosis with a multi-disciplinary team of international renown. We follow the pregnancy in every aspect, from conception to childbirth, dealing of fetal pathologies and boasting an unparalleled clinical records on the national territory, with more than 200,000 cases of gestation followed.
Unlike other tests on the market, the analysis of FetalDNA is performed within our genetic laboratories avoiding shipping abroad and using the shortest possible time for reporting, and especially with renewed methodology compared to the tests already on the market.


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