FetalDNA Karyotype

The FetalDNA Karyotype level investigates the fetal chromosomal aneuploidies of the entire karyotype.

Alterations in all 23 pairs of chromosomes

With FetalDNA Karyotype, which in other commercial tests is referred to as “Kario” or “eKario” or “Cario”, is it possible to  search for the existence of an altered number of all 46 chromosomes.

The FetalDNA Karyotype level, therefore, integrates the investigation on fetal chromosomal aneuploidies related to autosomes 21, 18, 13 (FetalDNA Base) and to sex chromosomes X, Y (FetalDNA Base Plus) with the bionformatic evaluation of all the other chromosomes (such as occurs in the classic study of the Fetal Karyotype).

Sex of the child available upon request.

Results are available within 5 working days (but time may increase in case of technical difficulties during DNA analysis or if patient needs to repeat the test).

The prenatal test carries out a sophisticated and reliable screening but not a diagnosis, regardless of the company and the technology used. Diagnostic certainty is provided only by invasive tests (Amniocentesis and CVS) as reported in all the guidelines and international scientific literature.

In the event that the DNA screening test (FetalDNA Base) reveals abnormalities, the Altamedica Healthcare Center offers free confirmation tests through prenatal diagnosis (CVS or Amniocentesis), within our Healthcare Center in Rome.

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