50 years of experience, innovation and ethics.

Altamedica is an excellent medical Center and Scientific Research Institute, one of the most prestigious in Europe.

Thanks to the most sophisticated technologies on the market and the competences of its collaborators, it guarantees a wide range of high qualityservices in which patients, doctors and laboratories can find tailor-made solutions.

Prof. Claudio Giorlandino, European Professional Excellence in Obstetrics and Gynecology, is the director of Altamedica Healthcare Center, one of the most important reference points in prenatal diagnosis. The focus of the Center is on Prenatal Diagnosis, which has made the pregnancies ofthousands of patients safe every monthin the last decades.

Starting from this experience, through cutting-edge equipment and a team of highly skilled doctors and geneticists, Altamedica has developed and patented FetalDNA, the innovative non-invasive prenatal test.

Thanks to the skills of a multidisciplinary team, we follow the pregnancy in every aspect, boasting an unparalleled case history in the national territory with over 200,000 cases of gestation.

FetalDNA analysis is performed within our Genetics Laboratory, avoiding shipping abroad and using the shortest possible time for reporting, and above all with an innovativeand patented methodology.

As a Research Institute, Altamedica carries out several projects related to genetic predispositions, involving researchers from Italy and outside.

This new knowledge is intended to be shared with health professionals: in fact, Altamedica is also committed to promoting continuous training for gynecologists.

Speaking of health services, Altamedica meet to all needs of its patients:

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