FETALDNA: Frequently asked questions

The choice of the prenatal test is a very important moment in the first phase of pregnancy. For this reason, we collected the most frequently asked questions about FetalDNA:

Who is the FetalDNA Prenatal Test for?

FetalDNA is recommended for all pregnant women, especially in case of:

– pregnancies with a high risk of spontaneous abortion (in these cases, invasive tests like amniocentesis or CVS are not recommended);

mature pregnant women;

screening tests during first or second trimester with positive results;

– cases of recurrent miscarriage.

The test is not recommended only in the case of fetuses with ultrasound defects, with increased nuchal translucency, hydrops or hygroma. In fact, for these cases, as reported by all the Guidelines, only an invasive investigation (CVS/amniocentesis) with Microarrays technology must be performed.

When can I schedule the FetalDNA Prenatal Test?

Make sure your pregnancy exceeds the 10th week, even in the case of twin pregnancies or medically assisted procreation. There is no deadline for performing the analysis, as the concentration of fetal DNA remains high until delivery.

Prenatal test: where can I do it?

You can take the blood sample at the Altamedica Centers in Rome and Milan, but also elsewhere, at one of the partner laboratories or from your trusted doctor.

Before taking the sample, you will be asked to fill in the forms and informed consent.

How long will it take to receive the results of the FetalDNA Prenatal Test?

Test results are available within 5 working days after receiving the sample (8 days only for FetalDNA Total Screen).

In case of any positive results, the Altamedica Laboratory will carry out the analysis of the sample (amniotic fluid / chorionic villi) free of charge for confirmation.

It is also possible to request for free:

– the sex of the child for any level

How much does the FetalDNA prenatal test cost?

The costs of the test depends on the level of choice and the complexity of the genetic investigation. For more information, please fill out the contact form.

Is the Prenatal Test dangerous for the health of the mother and fetus?

There is absolutely no risk: the fetal DNA test does not create any complications, as it is based on a simple blood sample.

I have a question about what level of screening suit best for me. How can I do?

The geneticists of the Altamedica Healthcare Center are at your disposal in every step of your choice, before and after the test.

Please book a free consultation by filling out the dedicated form. If you are in Rome, you can also make an in-person counselling, always free.


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